Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Internet ban

More coats I'm not allowed to get:

All via Fred Flare.


liz said...

Oh! I found a lovely plaid down jacket... it's only $895 :) It's by Burberry. Maybe you can help me search for a great knock off. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3057122/0~2376776~2374327~2374337~6004084?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=6004084&P=1

I am always cold, but I lost my fashion sense when we lived in Wyoming. Now I just choose to stay warms. You should see my getup right now.

Vicki said...

Hi Laura! It's Tori. I just wanted to show you this article about Mount Vernon, Iowa. I get interesting articles on my homepage and the one for today was about the 'Top 10 coolest small towns to live in,' and Mount Vernon was one of them! That's where Cornell is located, right? It even mentions the Lincoln Cafe, and if I remember correctly, you and your Cornell friends told me to eat there at the brunch.

I hope you like it! :)


Vicki said...

Also, I bought The Hunger Games! I think you've read that one and really liked it.

Sorry about posting two comments. I forgot to mention this.

Laura said...

The Hunger Games is super addictive, isn't it? Did you read Catching Fire yet?

Thank you so much for the link!! That is so cool to see! I can't wait to hear how your trip goes in a couple weeks!