Monday, October 12, 2009

This doesn't need to be so HARD.

They could NOT make changing your name any more difficult. Presumably people have been getting married for hundreds of years, yes? Does anyone have any recommendations as to how on earth you can keep both your middle name and your maiden name as middle names? Presumably children christened with two middle names get around this somehow, yes?

Update: I have to stop researching this today. I was reading this message board and getting irate at some of the commenters. How dare you tell someone to get over their wish to keep both their middle name and their maiden name? Why do we live in a society that is so rigidly built around having only three names? If I want to be Jane Anne Doe Smith, that should be an option! I have to put this problem to the side for now; it's making me heartsick.


Traci said...

You can change your name to anything you want it to be, and no one in the world has the right to tell you what that may be. I suggest you track down the number for the public records office and speak to an actual person about how to fill out the forms. And if that person is a jerk, be a jerk right back. You don't have to take crap.

Karen said...

Hmmm. I suggest you fill out the form writing all four parts of your name above the three blanks, kinda over-riding the format. See if that works. Unless the public records people only have 3 blanks in the data entry computer. You're right, many people have 4 parts to their name, with two or more middle names. Probably this new problem is a result of a computer programmer's lack of thought.