Thursday, October 22, 2009

"So they gave the werewolf their baby?! Dudes, what?!"

I was going to post a hilarious chain of emails consisting mostly of straight-faced quotes from the Wikipedia entries on Twilight, but I don't want to make my Twi-hard loved ones sad, so I won't. Hey, I'll admit it! I raced through Books 1 and 2! I understand the appeal!

BUT, you have got to confess that when you boil the plot of Breaking Dawn down to encyclopedic entries, it is really quite amusing. (After you get over the horror, that is.)

(The email exchange was sparked by one person sending a link to a site where people who have actually christened their child Renesmee can upload a picture, and by another person's befuddlement as to where the name Renesmee came from.)


sarah said...

That is a really long Wikipedia entry. It kind of scares me.

Traci said...

Even as a fan, I have to say that I hated--I mean, hated--#4. In my head, I like to pretend that the series ended with #3.