Friday, March 6, 2009

Pangs. Serious ones.

I haven't questioned my lovely wedding dress for a minute, not even when confronted by luscious silk flowered belts by Vera Wang or insane clouds of tulle by Monique Lhuillier that appear in the pages of the bridal magazines in which I can't help sneaking a furtive peek when I'm passing by a B&N or a drugstore (I haven't, I am proud to say, bought one in months). But I thought J. Crew was safe, since I've never really been tempted by the minimalism of their wedding dresses, until last night in their new catalog:

You can't see the detail here the way you can in the catalog so click here--it's a creamy floral print, embellished all over with pearl beads, and it's amazing. I spent a good sixty seconds staring. And wavering, hard. But then I thought to myself, "Well, every woman at the wedding will know where your dress came from and how much you paid for it," so in the end I returned to happy daydreams of my own gown.

But while I'm on the subject of lustworthy textured wedding gowns that are not mine, here, have some eye candy:

I almost got this dress (but in ivory) on my first, mildly disheartening wedding dress expedition. My mom and the saleslady were pushing for it, and it was beautiful and the shape was wonderful. And I'm in love with Claire Pettibone's dresses, and the store was offering a discount. BUT:

I'm having a Virginia country wedding. If I had gotten this dress I would have wanted to redesign everything into a '20s art deco dripping diamonds champagne fountain kind of affair, which, while it sounds sensational and someone should throw one and invite me, isn't exactly me and Chris. I passed it up (and then cried on the sidewalk out of indecision), but I still think it's exquisite.

I love the pseudo-vintage feel of this Lela Rose gown.

Everything about this wedding made me sigh! For once, bridesmaid dresses that I LOVE. The mustard with the grayish lavender is so incredible. And the flowers! WOW. More pangs.

But I love our plans so far. And I love daydreaming about the wedding. For a while I felt like, "Don't be such a bridezilla, Laura! Stop thinking about it twenty times a day!" but you only get married once and it takes a year to plan! You've got to lounge in daydreams now and then because the actual event is over in a few short hours.

I can feel the spring weather creeping in. I wore pink, yellow, green, and orange to work today, and look like a walking candy shop, but can feel my mood lifting with the barometer. Happy Friday!

(Pictures to come from the surprise event of this past weekend!)

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sarah said...

that dress is pretty, but i love the one you've chosen! i am so excited for your wedding, it's going to be so wonderful. :)

i'm excited about spring too! time to break out the short sleeves!