Monday, March 30, 2009

Survival strategy.

Isn't it interesting the kind of brainwashing employers like to do to you, like, "Oh, we're taking a chance on you and going to give you this big important wonderful project to work on, aren't you grateful?" and you ignorantly squeal, "Thank you!" before realizing a few weeks later that you're developing an ulcer, you have nightmares about work every single night, and the relentless obnoxiousness of the people involved are devouring all that's good elsewhere in the world.

Also, subway fares are going up a LOT with corresponding CUTS in service. It took me an hour to get to work this morning and the announcements on the loudspeaker were too garbled to make sense of. For some reason I could handle the delay but the gibberish loudspeaker was making me enraged. It was 70 degrees at the writer's conference I was at this weekend (where people were so sweet and friendly and live in houses with yards and green grass and flowering pear trees), and 45 and raining when I got back to New York. A block away from my apartment someone's carelessly-abandoned cigarette lit a curb full of trash on fire, in turn incinerating an innnocent parked car. Thankfully not ours; I'm grateful, I am! "A case of the Mondays," I guess, but it feels more like a case of "What am I doing with my life?" How can you achieve tranquility when the smallest thing, from groceries (which we abandoned yesterday because the line stretched snakelike around the store) to commuting to "approve this deal, you nincompoop, it's an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR BOOKS, YOU STUBBORN, IGNORANT, ASS-HAT!" are seemingly out to get you?

Here are things I've enjoyed recently, to end on an upbeat note. I have been trying to be positive lately, truly.

The bright flowers at all the bodega flower stalls
Going out to the corner store to get Ben & Jerry's with Chris
The five minutes of 70 degrees I got to experience on Saturday
All the nice people in other parts of the country
I'm still getting paid
April is almost here
Someday I won't live here anymore
Okay, okay.

Tonight How I Met Your Mother is on. That's something.


Karen said...

You'll remember the fun parts of NYC later in your life and be grateful that you had the experience of city life. But it's true that you'll really, really, really appreciate green growing things, yards, and less people in your personal space.

sarah said...


sounds like we BOTH need a vacation to somewhere warm and relaxing, with nothing to do.