Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sure to raise some eyebrows.

When you Google "non-matching bridesmaid dresses" you come up with a whole bunch of links to articles that say things like, "Non-matching is a great option! It allows the bridesmaids to express their personality and buy a dress they'll wear again! Just make sure you PICK THE SAME COLOR/COLOR FAMILY/FABRIC/LENGTH." Um. To me this still counts as matching. Not exactly the bohemian rhapsody that's persisted in my mind since I was 13 and saw this photo in People magazine, a photo which I've finally been able to get my hands on thanks to the wonders of the People website, which has back issues uploaded as free pdfs.

Can't you just hear the tone in Martha's voice?


the other lion said...

OBVIOUSLY. So funny. I am excited to see it all come together. =)

sarah said...

me too!

Kt said...

wait, if the point is for the bridesmaids to wear the dresses again, i don't really understand the dresses in that photograph... ;)