Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Postage paid.

Went to the post office yesterday to mail something; bought up a stack of Forever stamps for use on the RSVP cards, since postage goes up next Monday. I weighed a sample invitation and it was .1 over 1 oz, how is that for Murphy's Law? So now I'm sitting here thinking about what stamps we ARE going to use and feeling like maybe my discarded-as-too-trendy-and-time-consuming idea of using vintage stamps might be the freaking way to go after all.

I like the new 44 cent Love stamps but they are only 44 cents and not 61. So to use these I would need to add various configurations of the following, which are all very nice, but I don't know how WELL they go with the king and queen of hearts.

The 17 cent stamp is so blah, I don't even want to look at it.

Why not the 61 cent wedding stamp, you may ask? Because, look:

I think I'd rather use the other 61 cent stamp, even though I don't know who Richard Wright is.

As a final option, there's design-your-own-postage or pay 1 cent per invite extra (so, like, $1.50 total) for the 62 cent stamp

which is bland but at least not horrifying like that cake. Of course, you're talking to someone who stood in a crazy line so as to avoid paying 2 cents extra per stamp come May 11, so I don't know if either of those options are viable.

I looked up Richard Wright and he was a writer, which might fit in well with our secret theme. Hmm.

I'm sure you all can't believe I just wrote a post about stamps. I write about this stuff here to save Chris's ears from bleeding. Trust me, you have no idea how much I actually hold myself back. My sister could tell you.


sarah said...

i forgot about the stamps going up again. guess i'm going to have to buy a million two centers.

sorry, but i don't really know what to tell you about what you should use, though. (but i do agree that the wedding one is ugh!)

Karen said...

READ Richard Wright - he's great.

No opinion on the stamps issue - all of your ideas are great and I agree that the cake stamp is horrible.

kathylarsen said...

So, in short, this means we are all about to get mail from you? I LOVE getting mail, especially from fabulous people. Sorry for all the drama at the PO, just think how excited everyone is going to be to receive your notes! xoxo

LBL said...

When I went to go get our stamps the oblivious male behind the counter told me the only stamp I could use was the one with the goat. I seriously almost started crying. I had just spent hours putting my invites together and paid for some beautiful calligraphy. It was all going to be ruined by that damned goat stamp. Luckily a female postal worker overheard what was going down and rifled through the backroom to get me the proper heart stamps. So I totally understand your stamp dilemma. Those things are surprisingly important!

Smarty said...

I love talking about stamps. I approve this post.

Amanda said...

Stamps are fabulous. Nothing wrong with a postage stamp post. My ears are not *even* bleeding.