Monday, May 4, 2009

Scavenger hunt!

Okay, Internet, I need you to keep your eyes out for me. As previously mentioned, I have an irrational desire for pale blue wedding shoes. But I'm having a really tough time finding any. I ordered a pair off eBay, but it turns out that despite the photos, "seafoam" in person is more green than blue, so I'm reselling them.

Here are my parameters:

Can be flats or low heels--no higher than 2.5 inches. (I love high heels, and Chris is a lot taller than me, but my dress is a certain length.) The heel can't be terribly thin because the wedding's on grass.
No cork heels.
Wedges MAY BE okay but only if they are super elegant.
I prefer an ankle strap.
I will not do slingbacks under any circumstances.
Any material is fine, although satin would be nice, and I'd rather not have patent leather or cotton (or canvas, obviously).
Almost any shade of pale blue and aqua are acceptable, but once it veers into turquoise and/or teal, that's too dark.
I need a size 10 or maybe 10.5 if they run super narrow. (No duck foot jokes please.)
I'd rather spend under $100, but will go to $150 if it gets to that point. (Although I'll probably go the dreaded dyable route before then.) I'll totally go low-brow too--not ashamed to wear shoes from Target or Delia's.
Latin dance shoes would be okay, too, provided they're the right color.

Here are pretty ones across the Internets that won't work.

These are too expensive.

The heel is too high.

I'm thinking about these, but they're way up at the top of my reluctant price cap. Also it's a European company, and I'm concerned they'll be too narrow.

Sold out, and they were too expensive anyway. J.Crew, in case you wanted to know.

Liz and I (not that it's my decish, haha) are thinking about these for Taylor Eve. Adorable, right?? Where's the grown-up version, that's what I want to know.


Heather said...

Traci said...

Not quite right, me thinks, but thought I'd send it along anyway:

And I know you said blue, but these marigolds are lovely:

Amanda said...

Keeping an eye out, lady!

Amanda said...

Are we considering pretty little sandals at all? I've been eyeing these:

Laura said...

These are all intriguing suggestions...I am exploring! Thank you!!

Kt said...

it is late and i can't sleep - hence, some links... they are blue... :P,default,pd.html?cgid=2915398&itemNum=13

ok, and now i'm going to bed. night!