Monday, May 11, 2009

Three year anniversary!

Took two days off from work to extend a Taylor's-first-birthday / Mother's-Day-brunch / my-mom's-art-show weekend into a proper trip instead of a mad dash up and down the NJ Turnpike. Yesterday Chris and I arrived at the art show, situated on a hill below a winery, early and clambered up the steep slope on foot to enjoy a bottle of Virginia wine on the balcony overlooking the Virginia foothills. Saw my mom and co. pull in; recorked the bottle and pilfered the glasses, skidding back down the hill like jaunty pirates, managing not to spill.

Today met with florist; she was wonderful, liked my ideas, had good suggestions. Mom's house is brimming with paintings and vases filled with irises and azaleas from her garden tucked into every corner. Florist is down the road next to a cut flower garden that offers internships. Hmmmmmmm.

Off to go thrift-store shopping and meet with dj...can't stop to edit. Hope your weekends were similarly lovely!

Happy birthday, Taylor Eve; pictures from her party to come.

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liz said...

Happy 3 year anniv you crazy kids! Loved being with you both this weekend. Laura, Taylor's party would not have been the success it was had it not been for you. Thank you so, so so so so so much for your help! I'm holding you to posting pictures from the party. I need you to send me copies of all your shots! Miss you guys already. xoxo