Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think I would like to learn to sew

Flower arranging is too expensive of a hobby; if I knitted I would only knit scarves and everyone already has enough scarves; I stare at a computer screen all day so I'd like to put InDesign and Illustrator off to the future.

But if I sewed, I could make simple, streamlined, Parisienne-esque clothes. Skirts and tops and dresses and such.

What are the next steps?


liz said...

1. sewing machine
2. me
3. fabric
4. pattern
5. patience

xo me

Alice Dahms said...

A sewing class at Brooklyn General or Purl Soho and a sewing machine, of course. Then a trip to Philadelphia's famous "fabric row" with Lizzy, Tori and me!

Karen said...

I have the sewing machine - you may have it - relatively new, never used by me. Just share it with Shelby if she wants to take up sewing, too.

Sewing classes - good - but learn to construct things without a pattern, too. A dress dummy would be a good investment.

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Amanda said...

A good pattern. Amandas would work on their sewing with yous, if you want a sewing palsie.