Wednesday, November 11, 2009

They have a special chef for campus visit days

My alma mater flew me out for the weekend to talk to students about my career field. It was surreal in the sense that it was NOT surreal. Being on campus felt very normal. It felt like just yesterday that I walked up those stairs, used that bathroom (sorry to mention it, but they were exactly the same and I was amused), swung through that door, smelled that cafeteria (a much grosser reference than the restrooms, trust me)*. I sat in on one of my favorite professor's classes, and had dinner at another favorite professor's house. I also got to see two of my best friends for a few hours each. It was a lovely four-day weekend, despite missing Chris.

Still, it was a little weird hearing about what a "success" I am and telling those kids what they should do if they want to go into my career field when really I wanted to tell them to run far, far away. Especially now that I am ... back.

But I also know that I need to think positively. The direction this tends to take is that of total distraction. In other words, I am really excited about the new rug that's coming this weekend. Rugrugrugrugrug! Yippee! Yay for registry credits! And I'm excited for a quiet weekend at home with Chris. Sleeping! Movies! Yoga! More sleeping!

*Chris's young cousin actually visited the school a few days before I was there. She wrote me an email saying how much she enjoyed her visit and also mentioned that the food was really good.

I just didn't have the heart to tell her that the food was really good when I visited as a prospie, too. I am, after all, rooting for her to go there.


Kendra said...

It's funny how it always like I never left whenever I go back.

liz said...

hehehe... I love this post. Especially the last part about the rug and lots of sleeping and my little cousin going to a rocking school like yours.

the other lion said...

I miss the eggs mixed with the hash browns, though. I WANT THEM NOW. But only if I'm sitting at a table with you and Boo.

Laura said...

Kendra: I'm glad it's not just me!
Erika: It was so weird sitting on the patch of grass that used to be 8th Ave and missing you and Boo. The current students said they don't have pistachio pudding day anymore. FAIL!

Liz: I won pale blue sofa pillow covers from Pottery Barn on eBay, to recover the orange pillows that won't go with the rug. I'm feeling proud of myself for being green instead of getting all new pillows! The Shutterfly prints came in the mail, too. I'm on a tear.

sarah said...

I always thought it was strange going back when Stephanie was there. Perhaps because I always hung out in the dorms, but didn't really know anyone? South Hall always looks exactly the same though! Did you see all of the photos of us that are still up? (Or were in May, anyway.) We must be legends. :)

Wish I could have been there too!

Elizabeth said...

My reaction was the opposite. Maybe I need to change my frame, because your experience sounds more comforting! Instead of noticing all of the things that remain the same, all I could notice were the things that were different. New dorms, the students looking so young, the fancy furniture in front of the Ratt, new faculty, etc. But, more than anything, I felt very anonymous in a place I had always felt connected. Whenever I went back for a board meeting I ended up feeling lonely and disconnected and couldn't wait to get back home. I only want to go back if everyone else is there too :).

Laura said...

I noticed all the different stuff too...but loath as I was to admit it, the fancy armchairs near the Ratt were really comfy. Even if the wooden blockading around the OC did not look nearly as comfy as the former nappable brown cushions, ugly as they were.

Next time you go back, we should all go with you!