Monday, November 16, 2009

We can never go back to Manderley again...

On Saturday I watched Rebecca on the couch with the green fuzzy blanket. I had never seen it before (Rebecca, not the blanket). I really enjoyed it, from pretty Joan Fontaine to amazing Olivier (even if they didn't have any chemistry) to scenery-chomping Judith Anderson to the costumes and interior design of MANDERLEY. The house is the star! I recapped the whole movie to Chris over wings and fried pickles at a new place in our hood.

Hitchcock rules.*

*That farting Rear Window sketch on SNL, however, does not.


the other lion said...

Leslie would be so proud. =)

Jennie said...

Leslie WOULD be proud. I have told the other lion a million times, but don't know if I've told you - my senior sem paper is about Rebecca. Having Leslie for Senior Sem was AWESOME. Sorta wish I was there right now with her, in fact. I could almost even go for some American Survey right this second. Or maybe impotent frustration is good for building character? :)