Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smart ladies who like pretty things

I have this lovely friend, I call her Cole. In college she was my editor-in-chief for a while, then later we took the toughest English class ever, the infamous American Survey. Then she graduated and moved back east...and later I did the same. Now here we are, both living in New York City.

When we get together and our husbands are yammering on about football, do we turn to each other and discuss the poetry of William Carlos Williams? Do we recap the academic and professional hurdles we are presently experiencing? Do we share book recommendations and ponder life's big questions?

Well,  sometimes.

But usually it's more like: "My wishlist for fall includes a man's watch, a pair of red buckled flats, and some really soft tweedy pants for work." "That sounds awesome! I found the perfect nude nail polish, you would love it--OPI Barefoot in Barcelona. Meanwhile, I really want a pair of leopard print heels." "Oh, I saw some at DSW--let's look up the link!"


And so, because we are comfortable with expressing our frivolous sides, we have started a blog together. You can find us posting now and again at pretty bird, smart bird.

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