Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Detour into zilladom.


Wow. It just hit me the other day. *Happy dance.*

I'm almost as excited about planning the wedding. I've gone from being ostrich-head-in-the-sand overwhelmed to hurry-up-and-book-the-date so I can start planning in earnest. My current state of waiting has led to an unhealthy perusal of wedding blogs. However, it's all good: I'm building up a list of things I won't have at my wedding.

I won't:

Pose pressed up against a mirror making a pucker face at the camera. It's my wedding day, not a glamor shot session at the mall. After hours.

Have a bird cake-topper. They are super cute, you are right. All 5678 of you who have displayed them on your blog-featured wedding cakes.

Smear cake on each other after the cutting. I just don't like it and never have. You know what, I also don't think I'm going to have a garter removal and toss. I don't want to offend those of you who did have that; I just don't think I'll be comfortable with it.

Have cupcakes instead of cake. It's sweet, but too trendy. Plus, I like cake. A lot.

Have all-black bridesmaids dresses. Nothing against them; just have seen them frequently.


sarah said...

hooray! how exciting! i'm glad that you are getting excited about planning things. and seriously? super glad you are against doing the cake smearing thing, i very much dislike watching people do that. it's a waste of good cake, lol!

Kathy said...

I am glad you are making headway. You are not being zilla-ish at all. Making decisions is good. Miss you love you. Can't wait for the cake, can you get married tomorrow?

The Other Lion said...

um, ya. maybe i can fly up for the cake testing? i saw a thing on WE last night all about cakes that cost like $13,000. they had fake diamonds! that were edible!

i am excited that you are excited. HOORAY.

The Other Lion said...

oh, and no garter toss for me, either. i don't get it.

d. said...

OMG I am SO offended I was totally going to have a bird-topper but now I don't think I can do it knowing you'll secretly scorn us from the back corner of the lonely table we'll be forced to place you at so you won't be able to watch us smear cake all over our faces after the garter toss.

Okay seriously, WTF is a bird-topper?

liz said...

Okay, I did most of those (except the bird topper, had flowers instead) no black dresses either but can tell you that you are totally making the right decision here. We hadn't really planned on the cake smear...it just happened that way. I was really mad because our dj gave me 30 seconds to clean my face before I had the dance with my dad. You may want to add to your list that you will interview and personally meet your wedding dj. So glad you're so excited...