Monday, August 11, 2008

My Fug Lady.

I had a great time in Iowa! Erika and I watched girly movies, ate ice cream from the container, played with Punkin in the park and at the children's museum, took him to see Wall-E, went to the Daiquiri Factory (sans Punkin, who had a sitter) for her birthday...all in all it was just what the doctor ordered, at least for me.

But then I came back and was dismayed to see this:

You know, I'm one of the few staunch Keira fans I know. I thought she ... didn't excel in Atonement, but that's like the harshest thing I've ever said about her. I'm the lone person who even bought both of the Vogues she appeared on the cover on in 2007.

Um, if this is the best they could do for the cover photo, I don't think I'm buying this one...

Update: I knew the fug girls wouldn't let me down.


sarah said...

i was so busy looking at that awful outfit, that i didn't even notice her hair. yikes.

The Other Lion said...

me too! i was so confused about the belts and deciding whether or not the shirt is that fake velvet stuff.