Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm not an artist...I don't often create anything besides memos...but for some reason I find arranging items in my home (I guess I have to call it "decorating") to be profoundly satisfying.

When I was setting up the bedroom, I was really inspired by these photos. Now I'm wondering if I want to be even more of a copycat and pull together white, cream, and beige bedding. We have a purply blue duvet cover and a green throw, which makes the room looks cool and springlike; but I just love the peacefulness in this photo. (I've also been on the hunt for those striped pillows, to no avail.) Chris's mom just gave us a cream fleece blanket, so it wouldn't be hard to test.


Karen said...

it's nice to change colors and linens for the seasons. Peaceful is good. I like that combo of white, beige, cream, tan, and a touch of black.

I was going to suggest a fabric store and investing in a sewing machine, but with the internet shopping, you might do better hunting and gathering.

Sarah said...

i like it!