Monday, August 25, 2008

Taking advantage, for once, of the city.

Saturday was Chris's birthday, and on Friday night I surprised him at dinner with tickets* to the Tony- and Pulitzer-Prize winning play August: Osage County. We haven't been much of theatre-goers, despite living in NYC**, but after that show it just might change. Drama? Comedy? Soap opera? Who knows! **I think one reason we haven't been into the theatre is that most of the last several things we've seen, separately or together, have been terrible: near-amateur productions, drama class recitals, horrifically bad comedy improv, Young Frankenstein. August: Osage County made me realize just why the art of theatre has stuck around at all, and just how far a play is capable of carrying you. If it comes to your city (unfortunately, I think it's going to London next), I recommend it.

On Saturday we went to Jones Beach and I fell asleep on my back with my arm over my face and now my entire front (sans two blindingly white spots where my swimsuit was) is purplish red. It hurts to put on deoderant. It hurts to BREATHE. That'll teach me!

*I used a work discount and my cc points...I'm not totally spendthrift, yet :)

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sarah said...

sounds like overall a good weekend, minus the sunburns! (sunburns are my enemy!) sorry you got some. hope you have some nice aloe! how exciting about the theatre! it's nice for me to visit big cities, because then sometimes i can see some good stuff, like in sydney. although it's not always good. :)