Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't even get me started on the "smoking" photo shoot.

Even though I'm supposed to be saving all my money for, oh, paying my credit card bill after I BOUGHT A COUCH on Saturday, on Sunday I stopped in Old Navy and got a pair of high-waisted wide-legged jeans, on sale for $20.

I think they're officially my favorite piece of clothing right now. I might like them better if they were blue denim and not black (the only color left in my size), but on the other hand if I liked them any better I might have to curl up and cuddle with them on the new couch and then Chris would be very sad.

They are perfect for making your waist look smaller and your legs look longer. They might also make your butt look big, but hey, I can't see myself from the back so I have no idea, and ignorance is bliss. And anyway maybe the black helps to minimize that problem.

I wish they were sold in a size Long or Tall or had maybe one extra inch of length because as of now they are perfect for flats but not for heels, which is really how you're SUPPOSED to wear them. But other than that I love them, so much that I've worn them to work twice in one week.

Speaking of Old Navy, who's been watching America's Next Top Model? Heather is officially my favorite, mostly because I think she's the smartest and the most level-headed ("I don't trust the other girls, Mom") but also because my heart MELTED when they showed her at panel trying so hard to stand up straight after the judges reprimanded her. She looks like Snow White come to life, no? I also feel like rooting for Heather in some small way makes up for all those times in college that I thought Chess & Games girls were weird, but probably not, I'm probably still going to feel really, really guilty about that for the rest of my life. Anyway, I was so thrilled when Tyra called Heather first, even though I'm still guessing Sarah the "plus-size" (seriously, it just makes me snort. She's, like, an 8) is going to win.

And THANK THE LORD Mila got kicked off. First of all I couldn't believe she even made the top 13 at all, but I knew she was toast as soon as she gave the first soundbite.

Oh, but anyway, back to Old Navy: I can't believe the girls' lesson in personal style was to run around an OLD NAVY and put together a stylish outfit in ten minutes. I mean, half of them then showed up in khaki shorts and tank tops. Really, ANTM? Old Navy? Really?

Of course, this was before they started selling high-waisted wide-legged jeans.


the other lion said...

Okay, I love Old Navy as much as the next girl, but ANTM? That's like the Top Chef guys having a challenge at Pizza Hut. Oh, and let me tell you that I found The Shoes. The only difference was the toe. These were red, patent leather, wedge, and open toe instead of pointy. Wal-Mart. $20. TWENTY DOLLARS. US dollars.

Elizabeth said...

I bought the same jeans in a dark denim...only to return them. When I purchased them I thought they would punctuate my otherwise very Plain Jane wardrobe. Unfortunately, after trying them on for roommate review the verdict was that I looked like I was trying too hard :(. Harrumph.