Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thank you, Kate.

Although Kate Moss was the wench responsible for the advent of skinny jeans...she is making up for it now.

On a side note, I was in Virginia visiting my mom this weekend, and she was making fun of the leggings trend all the stores had been pushing--saying it never got picked up by consumers. I was like, Really? Because in New York leggings are so widespread that they're almost embarrassing to wear now. Did leggings and/or skinny jeans ever catch on where you guys live?
P.S. I still love leggings. Skinny jeans, not so much.
(Photo courtesy of Topshop via stylefile.)


Liz said...

Neither the skinny jean nor leggins fad ever caught on here in Omaha. See? Sometimes it pays to come from a city completely devoid of any fashion sense.

the other lion said...

If I wore leggings in Iowa, people would point and think I was stuck-up and proud of myself.
On another note, I kid you not. I was in the shower this morning, barely able to keep my eyes open, thinking, "I miss Laura's blog. I should tell her to blog again. Maybe she'll call it 3.0...."

Kathy said...

Yes, people in Missoula even wore leggings and skinny jeans. There is a hip high school right down town, I think that helps.

liz said...

Neither caught on here either! Everyone here has their heads so far up Lilly Pulitzer's ass it's hard to tell whether their 3 or 33. I would totally do the leggings. Skinny jeans frighten this little mama, I'd rather go out in a garbage bag.

Traci said...

I want the Kate Moss for topshop asymetric leather jacket. You know, after I lose about 2 cup sizes.