Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I was going to say "Boston," but...

Someday, perhaps, I'll be able to write hilariously of what it's been like to search for an apartment. Chris and I have been actively hunting since late July. We have two incomes, two sets of references, two friendly personalities, and no pets. We are willing to pay an amount of money that to me seems enormous for a one-bedroom and that I thought would get us, if not a doorman or an elevator, at least a CLEAN apartment, perhaps a LARGE apartment; maybe even one with a DISHWASHER or LAUNDRY (but not both together, even I had no hopes for that).

I didn't think we wouldn't be able to find anything AT ALL.

So someday, I may be able to post humorously about defeating 35 other applicants only to wind up as the landlord's second choice ("This was such a hard decision, believe me, but I just felt that the other couple has more in common with the other tenants in the building, but you guys are GREAT, really, you won't have any problem finding something"); and again: "So sorry, we just preferred a single person, but you were our favorite couple"; about arriving two minutes early to an open house and finding sixteen other couples already filling out applications; of trekking an hour on the subway for a second interview so that the yogi landlord could get a sense of our karma (I guess he didn't like what he found); of landladies who let their dog do the interviewing; of apartments with cute little gardens and rotting sideboards; of apartments with gleaming hardwood and no space to turn around; of apartments previously occupied by the most passionate of cat-lovers; someday, maybe, but that day is not today.

It could be worse.

I could live in PHILLY!

Two more viewings tonight, this time in a less douchebag-infested neighborhood. Keep your fingers crossed!

P.S. If I haven't been answering my phone, this is why. I'll be much more cheerful to talk to when the end is in sight.


the other lion said...

Oh, Lion. I just can't wrap my brain around it. It sounds like you are trying to buy a house. Actually, it sounds worse than trying to buy a house! I'll just say the cliche line, "It's all for good. There's something great out there for you." It's a good thing computers can't smack people. =) I LOVE YOU.
Oh, and calling off the wedding was one of the happiest days of my life, too!

Derek said...