Thursday, September 6, 2007

The emperor's new clothes.

It's Fashion Week here in New York--not that I am going to any of the shows, of course, but you can hardly escape catching glimpses here and there, such as the Abaete creation at left.

I think this is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I think this dress looks like it was designed by Wal-Mart. This dress wouldn't be worth trying on even if it was on the Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off rack at NY&Co. This dress looks like it came from Express circa 1999. This dress would be a pass at the vintage store even if you were GOING for an '80s look. I wouldn't wear this dress if Coco Chanel had stitched it herself.

On a side note, I tried on some of the Abaete for Payless shoes and they were EVEN UGLIER than this dress! No, seriously. Check them out.
(Photo via Fabsugar.)


Traci said...

I don't know...I dig the color, and I love the cut. I'm not sure about the thing at the waist or the block detail at the collar, but overall I think it's a bit Audrey, which is always my test for good stuff. On the other hand, WHAT was this designer thinking when he decided that the models should look like Chloe Sevigny? Plus (and this probably makes me a fashion "don't) I HATE the white sunglasses. Hate them.

Laura said...

I hate the sunglasses and I hate the weird doily thing at the waist. I think my problem is this art deco detailing at the neck clashing with the powder blue. Maybe if you lost the black detail...or conversely lost the entire belt. I don't know. I just don't like the black and white with this shade of blue. AND THE PLASTIC SUNGLASSES REALLY CAP IT ALL OFF.

the other lion said...

Top it off with those HEINOUS wedges from Payless and you've certainly got a unique look going. The cheap look. cheap cheap cheap.
Why can't we just leave the eighties behind us? Why must we revisit them like an old, no-good but oh so desirable in a bad way boyfriend?

Traci said...

Oh, yeah, and the Payless shoes are AWFUL! Matte pumps with a square patent toe? Really? My mom doesn't even wear those anymore.

Liz said...

I had a dream that this is what I wore to my rehearsal dinner. And I cried the whole time.