Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alice in the looking glass.

I thought for some reason that the Erin Fetherston collection was next for Target, so when I read that Alice Temperley had hit stores Sunday, I was surprised. The lack of fanfare on the Internet must be due to all the fashion bloggers being in London for the shows. So last night I stopped in at the Atlantic Avenue Target on my way home from work.

Now, something you should know is that there are only two Targets in NYC, and the other one is in the Bronx, so the Brooklyn one is always, always sold out instantly of the designer labels or, really, anything remotely cute. I had to ask my mom to pick up the Proenza bustier dress for me at the Gainesville Target. But last night the pickings were far from slim. A large selection of Temperley items remained (which is why I have to disagree with this claim that fashionistas haven't been so excited for a Target collection since Proenza Schouler).

Sad to report, they weren't very exciting. The navy/black dress is a trendy color combination but cut sloppily short and made of a cheap crepe. The black & white sweater, so striking online, looks in person like a Dress Barn relic (its design doesn't wrap around the back side--my pet peeve). The sheer dotted blouses are horribly unflattering, and I didn't even bother trying on the knee breeches.

However, the military jackets in grey and black (I wish there was one in navy) and the snowy fleece ruffled jacket had beautiful detailing, and I love that the brass buttons said "Alice Temperley--London" and not "Alice Temperley for Target." I thought about buying one or the other, but given the Patrick Robinson-level of items left in the store, I think I'll wait for the clearance rack.


the other lion said...

I love you! I am growing more and more discouraged with Target because when their clothes are cute, they are cheaply made. The pockets on the pants aren't sewn properly and stick out like wings. But I do love their Carter collection for Punkin. And their adjustable-waist pants for him, too, cause he's so skinny!

liz said...

Please let me add you to my blog links! I want everyone to see how fabulous you are, plus they'll be able to keep up with how you and Chris are doing. Love you!