Friday, September 14, 2007

"Yahoo" about expresses it!

The long national nightmare is over--we have signed a lease!

It all happened very quickly. We were scheduled to see two places last night and I was expecting we would probably resign ourselves to taking the second one, even though it was slightly more expensive and located directly below Chris's coworkers. I wasn't even thinking about the earlier appointment, because Chris had set it up and I didn't know anything about it.

It only took me half an hour to get there from work (vs. the 45-55 minutes to Park Slope, the neighborhood Chris lives in now and in which we had been fruitlessly hunting all this time). I got out of the subway and thought to myself, this neighborhood is so cool...too bad I will never get to live here!

The apartment is just off so-called "Restaurant Row" on the border of Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill. There are dozens of bars, restaurants, and cute little shops all along the same street. We're walking distance to Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights--two other awesome neighborhoods. And we're only three stops into Brooklyn on the subway, which will shave a good 15 minutes off my commute!

It's a garden apartment, which is a nice way of saying "basement apartment." However, I'll call the low-ish ceilings "cozy" because the cuteness makes up for a roominess that we wouldn't have been able to afford. There are cabin-style lights installed in the small-ish living room, and the bedroom's gigantic size and exposed brick wall make up for the lack of dining room, in my opinion.

The apartment has been recently redone in a beautiful blend of warm creamy walls and textured rose tile...and the bathroom is GORGEOUS. I made up my mind about the place when I saw the bathroom. We told the landlady that we loved it and she took us upstairs and had us sign the lease! I'm picking up the keys tonight, knock on wood. (You know me--I never rest until every possible barrier has been removed.)

We'll share access to the backyard with the other tenants, and the landlady and I are already planning to plant tomatoes in the spring! Or whenever you are supposed to plant tomatoes!

So anyway, when you all come to see it I hope you won't think it's too small--really, it's perfect for two people and after this horrifying seven-week search, I feel incredibly lucky. Yay :)

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Traci said...

For fear of the jinx monster rearing its ugly head, all I'll say right now is that I love your blog and I love it even more when you have such nice news! More later when the cosmos allow it. :o)