Sunday, September 30, 2007

A series of fortunate events.


We woke up bright and early on Saturday, bounded out of bed, and skipped the few blocks to the U-Haul lot to pick up our reserved truck.

That is, "reserved."

After waiting in line for nearly half an hour, we were confronted by a surly clerk who took weary delight in informing us that our reservation was for Oct. 6.

No way, we insisted. Way, was, essentially, her response.

Despondent, we dragged back toward Chris's apartment where, it appeared, we would be forced to remain that day as Penske and the other U-Haul locations were fully booked.

Then Chris brilliantly thought to call U-Haul national where the helpful operator confirmed that yes, our reservation WAS for Sept. 29, yes, they had just called and told the U-Haul lot they were required to honor our reservation, and yes, we should head back there right now.

Chris strode back (I ran to keep up) and when we got there he blew past the now-30 person line while I hid outside because as badly as I wanted to lend moral support I'm not good at watching arguments except, apparently, when I'm in one, heh.

He came out victorious 15 minutes, one abashed clerk, and one conquered supervisor later, we drove back to his place in a truck from Roswell with an alien on the side, and by 2 that afternoon we were done and sitting in a brunch place a block away from our new digs with our co-movers (my sister and his buddy).

I LOVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND I LOVE OUR APARTMENT. It's a little crooked here and there, and yes, we do hope to replace the kitchen cabinets and, maybe someday, the floors; but it is so cute and cozy and it is OURS. Our bedroom is HUGE and right now it smells of my "well-being" candle as I type this post sitting at the large table that occupies barely one corner. We've got framed black and white photos hanging on the walls...our bed sits against the exposed brick...and there's so much floor space that four people could do yoga. Maybe more. I'm so happy. Yesterday my sister was having so much fun helping me unpack that she came back after her mid-afternoon meeting, and when we three went out to grab a burger I almost started crying, I felt so full of happiness.

I'm the luckiest girl!


the other lion said...

HOORAY! Oh I am so happy that everything is happy!

bridgett said...

yay!! congrads. :) can't wait to see pics.

Traci said...

I am so happy for you!

Sarah said...

: D

liz said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you guys! and I can't wait to see your new place. xoxo Liz xoxo

d. said...

You're already talking about replacing the floors and cabinets, huh?

Clearly, another one bites the dust. I'll be looking for my wedding invite in the mail.