Thursday, July 23, 2009

Putting the word out.

I really want to find ribbon that is basically...exactly like this, but I'm hitting a wall. I went to M&J Trimmings, the famous Manhattan ribbon store, on my lunch break yesterday but no go. Any ideas? I've tried Jo-Ann; no luck there either.


Jennie said...

I shrieked loudly in my head when I saw the arrangement. What's the most important part to you? The color, the width, the pattern, the fabric? We have a crazy fabric store here that I can try - let me know what the priority is on this ribbon. I am assuming first color, then width, then fabric, then pattern, but let me know. I'm all over it!

Laura said...

Jennie, I think I need to put you on my wedding consultant payroll!! First cakes, now this!

Color is most important to me--a rich marigold. Then I'm hoping for a patterned satin. It doesn't have to be a floral pattern--a damask would work, too, or even something simpler. If there's no pattern or texture available, that's okay too. It doesn't have to be super wide, but I already have skinny marigold ribbon, although it's a little more pale, which is why I was hoping to find a richer one.

It's such a tricky color to find so don't worry if no luck--you are so sweet for looking!!

Traci said...

There's a craft store near the bookstore I live in. I'll check today.