Friday, July 24, 2009

Shower of emotions.

I opened my first wedding gift yesterday, and it left me speechless. Chris's teen cousin had made (handmade, but they looked like they were from the most upscale of boutiques) four beautiful placemats, with pink zebra fabric on one side and black and white toile on the other. Is there a better summation of my style loves than the classic, vintage black and white toile mixed (mixed: my favorite style element of all time--just wait till the wedding, heh) against the super modern pink zebra print? I love them (and also the black napkins with tiny white polka dots that were also enclosed).

Even more than my acquisitive delight, I was so unbelievably touched that someone took the time to make something for us. Not just someone, but a young girl from Chris's family--I felt so warmly welcomed in, felt more emotionally touched than any placemats have probably ever made someone feel.

It was the most perfect timing, too, because I had just found out that a certain family member from MY side would not be attending my shower, and my feelings were in a rather hurt/deflated state. I'm recovered now, and back to a daily-blossoming anticipation of the shower, an anticipation which I'm a little embarrassed to write about. I've never been a big birthday party girl, for example. I'm not terribly comfortable being the center of attention (the upcoming aisle walk is definitely making me nervous!). But though a part of me feels shy about all the trouble my mom and Shelby and Liz are going to, the overwhelming part of me is almost painfully excited. And I guess that's geeky to admit, but that's what's been on my mind!

I don't keep a journal, which I probably should so you're all spared my inner reflections. Still, when you're bursting with so many feelings, sometimes they've got to be shared.


Traci said...

I was PETRIFIED about the aisle walk. So much so that I tripped before I turned the corner (did you ever notice the death grip I had on my dad's finger?). But when I saw Andrew, I honestly forgot there was anyone else there. Same will happen for you, I know it.

Alison said...

I have my heart set on eloping so I will let you have my original plan which was to walk down the aisle like a supermodel at a runway show. Who can be nervous when they're fierce?